Logging Your Miles

Regardless of how you track your miles (i.e. Strava, Garmin, MapMyRide, etc), the actual total of that mileage must be recorded in your Team Fox account. You must be logged in for this process.


Login to your Team Fox Account Here


Once logged in, select “Miles” from the list of options.


When viewing the page on a desktop or laptop, the options are listed horizontally, just below the space for the rider’s photo.


When viewing the page on a phone, it is necessary to touch the icon with the three horizontal bars to open the list of options. “Miles” is the last option on the list.


Selecting the “Miles” option brings up a form with a display of the rider’s current total miles, a field to enter a new number of miles ridden, and a “Save” button.


Simply enter the number of miles you would like to record and click the “Save” button. The display of total miles should update to include the miles just recorded.