Virtual Ride FAQs

June 1-30, 2020


Rather than bringing hundreds of people physically together for a ride this year, we are going to try something different – we’re going virtual! This is going to open up some exciting possibilities:

  • A virtual ride is not limited to one geographic location; cyclists from other states and even other countries can participate in this year’s P4P ride!
  • A virtual ride is not limited by event permits, volunteer availability, equipment rental periods, and scheduling conflicts with other rides; the event can extend well beyond a single day – the 2020 P4P ride will encompass the entire month of June!
  • A virtual ride is not limited to the length of any defined route; cyclists can set their own mileage goals. Some cyclists might plan to complete a century ride (100 miles) or even a double century (200 miles) over the course of the month.

For this virtual event, cyclists will have complete control over where they ride, when they ride, how far they ride, and even what they ride. If anyone chooses to log some or all of their miles on a Peloton, a smart trainer connected to Zwift, or any other type of stationary bike or trainer, we will be happy to count those miles right along with miles ridden on dirt, gravel, bike paths, or out on the road. Every mile counts!  Track your progress on your personalized fundraising page during the month of June 2020.



We will be engaging with participants via social media and email. There will be contests, raffles, community interactions, and opportunities to share your progress and accomplishments.

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All registered cyclists will also receive a weekly newsletter with updates, information, and other event engagement opportunities.



Registration is online at

The fee is $10 per person, which includes an event t-shirt that will be mailed to you in June!



Joining or creating a team enables participants to work together to meet the fundraising and mileage goals! During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to create a new team or join an existing team. If you choose to do so, you will have a personal fundraising page and a team page. If you create the team, you are designated as the team “captain” with access to edit/update the team page information. Each team member’s miles logged, and funds raised will count towards your team totals. Donors can also donate directly to the team page or select an individual on the team. Either way, the team totals will increase with the donation.


On your personalized fundraising page, you can report and track your mileage progress in the month of June. Our campaign goal is to log 25,000 miles between all the cyclists! To log your miles, access your page at the link below, then log in using the credentials you set up upon registering online:



Upon registration, a fundraising and mileage tracking page is set up for each participant automatically. The fundraising goal is set at $50. Our goal is to raise $25,000 this year in the month of June, please help us get there!



Important information on cycling safety and COVID-19 guidelines can be found on our website: