Tandem Bike Project

The Tandem Bike Project is an opportunity for people with Parkinson’s to ride Pedaling 4 Parkinson’s as “stokers” on the back of a tandem bike.  We’ll provide the bikes and the “captains” to make it easy for everyone to Join The Fight!  Our captains will be strong riders, capable of providing as much effort as needed to complete the ride.  We’ll have numerous rest stations along the route, with snacks and beverages to keep you going.


Free registration

Registration is free for captains and Parkinsonian stokers.  Please register early so that stokers and captains can meet ahead of time and take a practice ride before Ride Day.  The $150 fundraising minimum is encouraged, but not required.  Both captains and stokers should register by clicking here.  Look for the “Tandem Bike Stoker” or “Tandem Bike Captain” drop-downs on the registration page.

Tandem Route

Tandem Bike Project cyclists will have several route options to choose from. Remember, your captain will be a strong rider, so don’t worry about needing to match his or her effort.

Practice Rides

Check back for practice ride dates.  For more information or to participate, please contact Jen Vogler at jennifer.vogler@gmail.com.

Support available for Cyclists with PD

Single cyclists with PD who would like support but do not want to ride a tandem bike may choose to have a companion cyclist ride along with them.  Single cyclists are subject to registration fee and fundraising minimum.  To request a companion rider, please contact Jen Vogler at jennifer.vogler@gmail.com.

Incomparable Camaraderie

Stokers and captains may or may not know each other very well before the ride, but you sure will when it’s over!  Stokers share with their captain the joy and pride of meeting the challenge, and captains have said it was the best cycling experience of the year for them as well.

P4P Ambassador Program

Tempted, but still not sure?  Let our “ambassadors” help you decide.  The P4P Ambassadors are experienced cyclists with Parkinson’s Disease who understand the unique challenges you face.  They’re available now to share their experiences, provide training and ride-day tips, and answer any questions you may have.  You’ll be welcomed at the VIP tent on ride day to meet other cyclists with PD as you get ready to go.

Contact a P4P Ambassador

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